Master Sound WSM 05 TOP model

WSM 05 TOP model

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Windscreen for condenser microphones, to protect the record/sound from the wind.

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Three Layers Furry Windscreen with Acoustic Foam Technology.

  • Universal windscreen/popfilter developed for condenser/dynamics microphones with Grille Ball diameter 45 -52 mm.
  • Three layers technology! Made in EU by high-quality and safety materials.
  • The fiber length is about 60mm. High quality sound transparent.
  • Windsreen can stifling a noise at least 25 - 40dB. Thereby it do not commit passage frequency to another sensitive microphones.
  • Because High-quality holding of windscreen to microphone it fits just perfect and u can not damage your microphone at all.

Article weight              18 g
Product dimensions      15 x 10 x 2 cm
Model number              WSM 05 TOP
Country of origin          Western Europe
Country of production   Czech Republic

It's made for condenser or dynamic microphones with Grille Ball diameter 45 -52 mm. Windsceen fits with that kind of microphones for example:

Shure SM87A, Neumann KMS-105, AKG C7, AKG C5, Shure Beta 87A, IK Multimedia iRig Mic, DPA D:Facto II, AKG C535EB, Sennheiser E 965, Rode M2, Beyerdynamic TG V96, Audio-Technica AT 2010...the t.bone MB 88U Dual, Sennheiser MD46 Microphone, AKG D 230...

This windscreen is made in Europe. It's HAND-MADE. Product is made from High-quality materials with certicate even used for production toys headed for the smallest kids. Europe safety certificate belongs beetwen the strictest certificate on the world.

Our windscreen will make your record more succesfull. You can easily record amazing sounds of nature, summer festivals or other outdoor productions. Windscreen also protect microphones ahead of dust and other undersirable influence.

High-quality EU product from the best materials and You can buy it for a surprisingly low price right now.

The sale is only the windscreen !!!


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