Master Sound WSR Tascam DR 40

WSR Tascam DR 40

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Windscreen for recorder Tascam DR 40.

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Windscreen for recorder Tascam DR 40


Wind is the great enemy of condenser microphones when recording outdoors. Usually appear intrusive noise caused by wind. While we can help foam windscreen, or even eliminate the lowest rate on record. But neither solution is 100%. In quiet moments or strong wind, then it can be a really serious issue, and distracting noises can be stronger than the actual recording.

  • Single-purpose special windscreen designed for hand recorders Tascam DR-40. The windscreen does not cover important control elements.
  • Made in the EU from quality and safe materials. For XY but also AB misc position!
  • The fiber length is about 60mm. High quality sound transparent
  • It will mitigate the impacts of wind up to 25 dB! At the same time, it does not prevent the other noise frequencies from reaching the sensitive Tascam microphones.
  • The quality stretchy adherence of the windscreens to the body of the Tascam DR-40 recorders is reliable without a risk of damaging the hand recorders.

Tascam DR 40

Practice has proved that the only possible solution is to use quality windscreens made of faux fur. The hairs safely captures noises formed by wind and reduce noise values of 20 to 30 db.


Master Sound WSR Tascam DR 40 specialized windscreen is made from the finest European materials. Artificial fur with a 6 cm long hairs with very thick 2 cm foundation is made on a sound fabric. Ensures the highest possible protection for condenser mics from wind and dust, without restricting the passage of sound.

Recorder Tascam DR 40 has an atypical shape. The wind protection is designed so that it protects the condenser microphones before the gusts, while allowing access to all controls recorder, so your recordings are always good.

Article weight              18 g
Product dimensions      10 x 2 x 10 cm
Model number              WSR Tascam DR40
Country of production   Czech Republic

The adherence

The adherence system of these windscreens comes out of the system proven by years. The round elastic, flexible artificial leather and plastic break create quality flexible adherence, without any risk of damaging the recorder. This stretchy adherence to the recorder is highly important. It does not let the wind to blow below the windscreen and get to the sensitive condenser microphones. This windscreen is designed and made for hand recorders Tascam DR 40.

Tascam DR 40


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