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Windscreen for 5.5-inch smartphones

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Windscreen for 5.5-inch smartphones (with width of 74mm to 78 mm).

Suitable, for example, for: Xiaomi Redmi 4, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, Xiaomi Mi A1 etc.

The wind is a great enemy of quality records. Whether you record some open-air concert, garden party, do the live streaming on Facebook or make phone calls in windy environment or while driving, the signal is interfered by the wind. These annoying noises might get so intense that your effort gets completely ruined.

The only meaningful solution is the multiple-layered windscreen which protects the microphone of your smartphone from the wind and ensures the quality record – transmittal – phone call.

These windscreens are commonly used for various types of recording machines and studio/report microphones.

Thanks to the brand-new product developed and produced by the company Master Sound you can enjoy the high-end record coming from your smartphone.


-          The noise level caused by the wind is lowered up to 24 dB

-          The reduction of the high frequencies is minimal

-          3 acoustic layers based on the sponge foam technology

-          The length of the synthetic fur is reaching to 6 cm and sponge foam up to 2 cm!

-          Made in the EU out of the certified and safe materials

-          Easy, flexible and safe to adhere to your phone, no danger of damage

-          Protecting not just from the wind but also from dust and pollen

-          Hand-made!


The windscreen is operating flawlessly only upon the fulfilment of the following condition:

Some phones have more microphones. It is necessary to turn on the microphone which is covered by the windscreen. Otherwise your record will be unprotected by the windscreen.


Only safe materials originating in the EU were used when producing this series of windscreens. The synthetic leather out of which this windscreen is made even has a safety certificate for toys determined for the youngest children. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend keep the windscreens out of the reach of children and pets.


Windscreens made by Master Sound are finely manufactured both in terms of technical and hand-crafted manufacture. All windscreens are hand-made. Only the best accessible EU materials were used when manufacturing the windscreens.

The elastic synthetic leather precisely adheres to the body of the smartphone and disables wind to reach the microphone.

Put the windscreen on and tighten the brake. To take the windscreen off, just press the lock of the brake. The elastic string gets to the original position itself. Its pressed and extended ending is there for the comfortable grip.